Victor V. Gurbo is working on putting together an RPG Maker MV game (see Victor’s earlier test project) that I helped write the script for.  He sent me his most recently updated version for testing.  I had previously tested Windows builds through WINE, but on this occasion I asked for a Linux build.  When I first tried to execute the game (an nw.js file) from the terminal, I ran into a segmentation fault related to missing default fonts. I perused several web pages for the issue and discovered that it could possibly be fixed with a newer version of nw.js.  I headed to and downloaded the newest stable release for Linux.  I then extracted the tar archive and copied the contents of the extracted folder into the directory for Victor’s test game, replacing all of the nw.js files that came with it.  I was then able to launch and run the game with no issues at all.  The fix here was similar to the fixes I employed to run ONScripter-EN visual novels natively on Linux (see first and second guides).