The penultimate month of 2022 is coming to a close (see our helpful guide on remembering whether a given month has 30 or 31 days). That means it is time for our month-in-review post, a tradition which dates back to August 2020.

"Fall leaves" - a public domain image from Openclipart.
Fall leaves” – a public domain image from Openclipart.

Below, I will present our new November 2022 content by category and most-visited articles of the month before proceeding to a short preview of what is to come in December.

November 2022 articles by category

Below, you will find all of our November 2022 articles and leaflets neatly sorted into broad categories. I will list articles before leaflets in each category. I selected five articles as editor’s choice selections for November 2022. While I recommend reading all of our articles, my five editor’s choice picks are what I personally consider to have been my best work of the month.




NLJ news and notes

Photo blogs

Video games

Visual novel reviews and related issues

12 most-visited articles of November 2022

RankTitleAuthorPublished3-Month Rank
1Cross-posting from Mastodon to TwitterN.A. FerrellApril 18, 20222
2Reviewing the Mastodon Twitter CrossposterN.A. FerrellMay 10, 20225
3The Mystery of Sōseki and Tsuki ga KireiN.A. FerrellMarch 14, 20211
4An Early Review of Pixelfed – Instagram AlternativeN.A. FerrellNovember 13, 20208
5Nintendo Power’s 1999 Yoshi in Pokémon April Fools PrankN.A. FerrellApril 1, 202114
6The Last Stand of Constantine XIN.A. FerrellMay 30, 202012
7Installing Ubuntu Touch on an Asus Nexus 7 (2013)N.A. FerrellJuly 5, 20216
8Review of /e/ – An Android Alternative For Mobile PhonesN.A. FerrellNovember 21, 20213
9Review of the Teracube 2e SmartphoneN.A. FerrellNovember 19, 20219
10The Pokémon Special Split in Generation 2 – Statistics and AnalysisN.A. FerrellJanuary 18, 202210
11Abraham Lincoln’s 1851 Letters on Work to John D. JohnstonN.A. FerrellNovember 5, 20217
12Recommended F-Droid FOSS Apps For Android-Based Devices (2021)N.A. FerrellNovember 27, 20214

Our November ranking was dominated by my two spring 2022 articles on the Mastodon Twitter Crossposter tool. Although both articles had performed solidly in previous months, neither came particularly close to a monthly top-12 before sweeping the top two spots in November. My 2021 April Fools article on a 1999 Pokémon prank was the third article in November to make its monthly top-12 debut, coming in with a strong fifth-place performance.

I noted in my October review that November 2020 and 2021 saw the publication of some of our best-performing articles. While no November 2022 articles made our top-12, five articles from November 2020 and 2021 made appearances, led by the strongest month (in terms of visits) by my November 2020 review of Pixelfed.

November was a strong month on the whole. It had the highest threshold for entry (best-performing 12th-place article) on record, and the 15th-place article November would have made every previous monthly top-12. Moreover, our 18th place article in November would have made the monthly top-12 as recently as September.

I decided to include a three-month ranking in the last column of our table. That reflects where the article ranks when taking into account the 121 period running from September 1, 2022 through November 30, 2022.

Looking ahead to December 2022

I look forward to bringing 2022 to a strong conclusion this December. December was our best month in terms of views in 2020 and our second-best month in 2021, so I hope we can continue the trend in 2022.

If I have time, I may fully implement a couple of special New Leaf Journal sections similar to our Leaflets, but those projects may also be put off until 2023.

In terms of articles, I plan to move toward finishing my al|together visual novel review project by mid-2023. In furtherance of that goal, I plan to prioritize publishing all of the remaining reviews with autumnal and winter settings between December and February. I also have a few other visual novel and game reviews planned, including a holiday season follow-up to my ACE Academy review.

I also plan to clear out a few long-pending review projects not related to games. For example, I intend to publish a piece on my feed reading solution in December, and I may also publish updated reviews of open source Android applications and alternative search engines. Moreover, I have been testing a few new article discovery tools and I may be ready to write about one or two in December.

Finally, Christmas and New Years are fast approaching. You can look forward to content befitting both holidays and the change of the season from autumn to winter.

Thank you as always for reading and following The New Leaf Journal, and I hope you look forward to new and varied content to bring 2022 to a close.