The end of another month means that it is time for new month in review post at The New Leaf Journal. We published 21 full-length articles in July. We also published many shorter Leaflet posts and made progress on our special Blogroll page.

Public domain 4th of July image done in bitmap style from Openclipart.
I did have a big July 4 article this year. Public domain image courtesy of Arvin61r58 on Openclipart.

Below, I present our July content (organized by category), our most-visited articles from July 2022, and other news and notes.

Content From July 2022

You can find a chronological list of all of our July 2022 articles in our article archive. For this month in review post, I will organize all of our July articles and Leaflets (with their links) into topical categories. You will find that fine articles are in bold. While I encourage you to read all of our content, you can consider the bold articles my “editor’s choice” picks for the month.

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Most-Visited Articles of July 2022

We use a privacy-friendly local analytics solution at The New Leaf Journal called Koko Analytics (see review). These statistics inform me how many views our articles have. Every month, I list our twelve most-visited articles according to Koko Analytics. Below, I present our 12 most-visited articles of July 2022.

RankArticleAuthorPublished3-Month Rank
1What is Becovi Search?NAFJuly 10, 20225
2The Mystery of Sōseki and Tsuki ga KireiNAFMarch 14, 20213
3Recommended F-Droid FOSS Apps For Android-Based Devices (2021)NAFNovember 27, 20214
4The Pokémon Special Split in Generation 2 – Statistics and AnalysisNAFJanuary 18, 20229
5Installing Ubuntu Touch on an Asus Nexus 7 (2013)NAFJuly 5, 20226
6Biden, Lincoln, and Counting Back From the President’s BirthNAFApril 29, 20227
7A Look at ProxiTok, a TikTok FrontendNAFMay 14, 202213
8How to Find Substack RSS Feeds and Other NotesNAFJune 19, 202112
9Fediverse Clone Wars and Decentralized Social MediaNAFJuly 12, 202230
10An Early Review of Pixelfed – Instagram AlternativeNAFNovember 13, 202010
11The Last Stand of Constantine XINAFMay 30, 20208
12Peekier Search Engine ReviewNAFFebruary 26, 202216

For the second time in three months, the top of our monthly ranking was a short Leaflet post that reached page one of Hacker News. While my brief Becovi review did not reach the same heights as the two Leaflets which dominated the May ranking (see my posts on a man uploading 2,000,000 YouTube videos and on the Lukol search engine), it was more than enough to secure the top spot in July. Other than my Fediverse clone wars essay making its debut top-12 in the month of its publication, the top 12 consisted entirely of articles that have appeared in previous 2022 top 12s. Our posts on the meaning of tsuki ga kirei and F-Droid apps, which have been the most consistent performers of 2022, had underwhelming performances in July when compared to previous months. However, July was our deepest month on record, presenting the highest bar for entry into the top 12. It was thanks in part to the depth of the July ranking that my 2021 post Calvin Coolidge’s 1926 Independence Day speech missed making its first top-12 despite accruing enough views to have made the list in any previous month.

Top Referrers

Koko Analytics also tracks referrers. Referrer tracking is imperfect. For example, while Koko Analytics is able to pick up on most search engine referrals, most referrals from Fediverse social media and Minds go undetected. However, I thought that it would be interesting to list our top-10 referrers according to Koko Analytics. I present the list below.

  1. (Google Search)
  2. (Hacker News)
  3. (DuckDuckGo Search)
  4. (Bing Search)
  5. (Yandex Search)
  6. (Google Search, Canada)
  7. (Brave Search)
  8. (Alternative frontend for Hacker News)
  9. (Startpage Search)
  10. (Twitter)

The two notables on our referrer list are Yandex and Brave. We had slightly more than double the number of referrals from in July than we had any any previous month. The increase in referrals from Brave Search was also notable and perhaps a sign of increasing interest in the new and interesting search engine.

News and Notes

I did not make any significant changes to The New Leaf Journal in July. However, I have made progress toward turning our Blogroll page into an integral part of our broader project. Behind the scenes, I undertook efforts to improve our standing with Google Search after we had some indexing errors (most likely) caused in part by how we have implemented caching (caching again…) since the spring. I hope to see The New Leaf Journal fully recover in the Google index by the end of the current quarter.

August has traditionally been a somewhat slow month at The New Leaf Journal. However, I have a number of big projects in progress, so I look forward to changing that in 2022. Rather than spoil what I am working on here, I encourage you to regularly check in on The New Leaf Journal or, better yet, add us to your RSS/ATOM feed list and/or subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay up to date with our latest content.