I worked long and hard on New Years Eve and New Years Day to write a stat-filled dialogue about our 51 most-visited articles of 2022. While I hope that you give our fictional dialogue duo, Justin and Justina, a good amount of your time (it is long), it occurred to me that I did not publish a clean version of our 51 most-read articles list due to the fact that I was (A) tired and (B) pressed for time.  Thus, here you will find our 51 most-visited articles of 2022, in order and presented without additional commentary.

  1. Review of /e/ – An Android Alternative For Mobile Phones (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  11/21/21.)
  2. The Mystery of Sōseki and Tsuki ga Kirei (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  3/14/21.)
  3. Man Uploads 2,000,000 YouTube Videos (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 5/8/22.)
  4. Recommended F-Droid FOSS Apps For Android-Based Devices (2021) (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  11/27/21.)
  5. Installing Ubuntu Touch on a Google Nexus 7 (2013) (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  7/5/21.)
  6. Lukol Search Engine Shows Up in Logs (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 4/28/22.)
  7. The Last Stand of Constantine XI (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 5/30/20.)
  8. Cross-posting from Mastodon to Twitter (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 4/18/22.)
  9. Review of the Teracube 2e Smartphone (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 11/19/21.)
  10. How to Find Substack RSS Feeds and Other Notes (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  6/19/21.)
  11. An Early Review of Pixelfed – Instagram Alternative (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  11/13/20.)
  12. The Pokémon Special Split in Generation 2 – Statistics and Analysis (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  1/18/22.)
  13. What is Becovi Search? (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  7/10/22.)
  14. Persona 4 Golden Digital Artbook Review (Steam) (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  11/15/20.)
  15. Peekier Search Engine Review (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  2/26/22.)
  16. Performing Site-Specific Searches With DuckDuckGo (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  8/8/21.)
  17. Ghostwriter Markdown Editor Review (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 10/7/21.)
  18. Biden, Lincoln, and Counting Back From the President’s Birth (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 4/29/22.)
  19. A Look at ProxiTok, a TikTok Frontend (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  5/14/22.)
  20. How the Forget-Me-Not Flower Found Its Name (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  3/11/21.)
  21. Reviewing the Mastodon Twitter Crossposter (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  5/10/22.)
  22. Installing LineageOS on a 2013 Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi) (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 7/28/21.)
  23. Using an Amiga OS-Inspired Window Theme In XFCE With XFWM4 (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 1/2/22.)
  24. The Nice Boat 〜 A Look Back at the School Days Anime (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 5/6/21.)
  25. Nintendo Power’s 1999 Yoshi in Pokémon April Fools Prank (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  4/1/21.)
  26. Sending SMS Messages From My Computer With XMPP Through JMP (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 9/8/21.)
  27. Abraham Lincoln’s 1851 Letters on Work to John D. Johnston (Nicholas A. Ferrell.  11/4/21.)
  28. Reviewing the HALOmask and är Mask (Victor V. Gurbo. 12/2/20.)
  29. A 2021 List of Alternative Search Engines and Search Resources (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 6/13/21.)
  30. A Follow-Up Post on the Meaning of “Blob Dylan” (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 4/12/21.)
  31. Usagi Drop 〜 A Complicated Anime Pick (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 1/19/21.)
  32. “Uncle Susan is a Wolf” – A Graffiti Photo and Research Project (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 12/29/21.)
  33. The Story of Billy Possum, President Hoover’s Pet Opossum (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 11/30/21.)
  34. “Casey’s Revenge” – Grantland Rice’s 1896 Reply Poem to “Casey at Bat” (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 8/6/21.)
  35. RSS as a Facebook Alternative (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 2/21/21.)
  36. Building an Airline Res-O-Glas Guitar Copy (Victor V. Gurbo. 8/26/20.)
  37. An Introduction to RSS and Other Feed Formats (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 2/20/22.)
  38. Installing and Running Bodhi Linux on a 2007 MacBook (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 10/3/21.)
  39. Japanese Environment in PoL, Lutris, and Bottles (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 6/16/22.)
  40. Kaga no Chiyo Autumn Haiku on Unrequited Love (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 12/14/20.)
  41. Calvin Coolidge Describes His Mother, Victoria (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 3/13/21.)
  42. Understanding Hair Color in the Kimi ni Todoke Anime Series (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 8/19/21.)
  43. The Enigmatic Life and Death of Emperor Otho (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 4/18/21.)
  44. Setting Up Mullvad’s Free Public DNS (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 4/8/22.)
  45. Tom Cantor’s Changed Has Poor Color Scheme (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 8/3/22.)
  46. Calvin Coolidge On Why We Celebrate Independence Day (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 7/2/21.)
  47. Building a Big Joe Williams-Inspired Nine String Guitar (Victor V. Gurbo. 3/12/22.)
  48. Pixelfed Embed in WordPress – Follow nafnlj at The New Leaf Journal (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 6/3/21.)
  49. Reviewing Koko Analytics: A Simple Privacy-Friendly WordPress Plugin (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 1/13/22.)
  50. Struggles With a Fresh Install of Peppermint OS (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 9/14/20.)
  51. Fediverse Clone Wars and Decentralized Social Media (Nicholas A. Ferrell. 7/12/22.)